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Return to Eden is Ellel Ministries Canada's 2-day in-person marriage conference, hosted at Brampton Christian Family Church in Brampton, Ontario. This event has been developed to help you embrace all of the richness that marriage has to offer.  Covering topics like intimacy, wounding, the differences between men and women, and so much more. Our teachers will give you practical, Biblical tools to help you experience a fruitful marriage the way God intended it to be. 


"I thank God daily for His work in my life and marriage. He makes no mistake with who He puts together, it is up to us to use the wisdom He has given us. Since this event we are closer and communicate more, praise be to God!"

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October 28-29



Brampton Christian
Family Church

9446 McLaughlin Rd North, Brampton, ON



per person

Individual Ticket

We encourage you to come with your spouse or fiancé however if they are unable to attend why not learn, reflect and bring some tools home to share with them?


Couples Ticket

If you are attending with your spouse or fiancé click below to purchase your tickets together. Dating couples can attend as well,  what a great way to learn about marriage!


Session 1

God's Design for Eden

Session 2

The Wound

Session 3

Celebrating Masculinity + Femininity

Session 4

Sexual Intimacy

Session 5

Rebuilding Trust

Session 6

Building A Great Marriage Together