at our beautiful centre on Wolfe Lake


with 2 of our trained Ellel staff members


to one of our brand new online courses


at our beautiful centre on Wolfe Lake

Personal Ministry

with 2 of our trained Ellel staff members


to one of our brand new online courses

Darren & Sally

"To step aside in a place like this and recharge, refresh, and also be reminded why we do what we do. You come away from something like this, and you remember why you love Jesus, why you love the gospel and why it’s the hope of  the world."


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The truth is many leaders are feeling the impact of serving through the pandemic. For some, it’s been an incredibly crazy year. For others, it’s been the craziest of many crazy years in a row. Either way, it can leave you with your emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical resources depleted. 

This 4-day residential retreat is designed for you to rest and receive. With private luxurious accommodation and full amenities, we’ll provide everything you need from meals to bedding, from worship to prayer ministry. Each day includes worship, a time to receive teaching in a chosen area of desired growth/healing, prayer ministry with a confidential team, and activities to nourish you spiritually, in a schedule that is relaxed but purposeful.  There is room to be refreshed, to learn & grow and to have a reset. It’s more than a rest, it’s an investment. It’s you investing the time in self-careIt’s us investing God’s heart in his sons & daughters serving on the front line.
Ravi and Anita

Ravi & Anita

"We are so blessed to have participated in your retreat. Everything at Ellel is sacred and par excellence – biblical teaching, fellowship, ambiance, spirituality, sincere care, physical comfort, emotional empathy and genuine love. We could see Jesus in each one of you as you lavished us with God’s love. The Ellel ministry team facilitated our time so beautifully in drawing us closer to our Lord and to each other. It is an unbelievable experience! We are very grateful to God for the ‘Ellel family’ and may God use you in impacting many more lives. You are an amazing source of joy and blessing to the world."



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Fill out the form below to be contacted by our ministry department to see if RESET is right for you. Please note we are currently full for our 2024 retreats, but you can fill out a form to be put on the waitlist.

"We leave here feeling renewed and refreshed and ready to jump back into a demanding ministry life."

"I came in with a drooping head, but returned bold as an eagle with joy unspeakable after hearing God speak loud and clear. Ellel Ministries is very relevant and a need of the hour for all Christian workers, couples and ministry leaders."

"To be able to step back from the battle and be cared for is like being at a spiritual field hospital."