God works through the vehicle of creativity, building a bridge (connection) from 'head knowledge' into the vital area of 'heart language', which for all kinds of reasons can become 'shut down', making it difficult for us to access who we are in our God-created identity. God uses the expression of creativity to bring us into life, both in a human sense and in  relationship with Him.

Fiona Horrobin
Healing Through Creativity

Hands-On Learning

 This is not a "watch only" experience, through activities and resources we invite you to truly create with God.

Testimonies & Resources

Hear from people who have experienced healing through creativity and access helpful resources for your journey.

Course Journal

 A downloadable course Journal to follow along with the teachers and apply the principles being taught.

Created to Create

When you hear the word ‘Creativity’, what thoughts come to your mind? Some people get really excited and say, ‘I love Creativity!’ You may be one of them. For others, your first thoughts might be along the lines of “Creativity?! Well, that’s not for me. I’m just not creative. I don’t do Creativity.”

Why are some people creative and others are not? Why are some people drawn to it and others run from it? Is there a misconception about what it really means to be creative? Where does our creativity come from anyway? Is it a gift, such as being artistic, or is it something that lies within each one of us to express? These are some of the questions we will answer in this course as we introduce you to God, the Creator, and explore the fascinating way that we have actually been “made in God’s image”, to reflect the nature and characteristics of a Creative God.




The Creator 

Understanding God as Creator


In His Image

We are designed with purpose


A Truth For A Lie

Replacing false belief systems


Healing Through Creativity

How being creative heals our spirits


Time to Create

Learning to grow our creativity

In the Beginning: A Mini Course

 We want to make our course content accessible and affordable. That is one of the reasons why we have created this free mini course! The 5 sessions will release over the course of five weeks so you will have time to put each session into practice.

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Who doesn't love some amazing swag? You can order "In the Beginning" apparel now in our store that we designed just for this course! This would even be a great gift for other friends taking it! Let the world know that you are created to create!

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  Your Teachers


Kent Bandy

Ellel Canada's National Director, Kent speaks to the Biblical truth that we are made in God's image, and have been created to create.

Karen Bandy

As Ministry Manager for Ellel Canada, Karen has many years of experience using creativity to minister God's healing.

Debbie Russell

Heading up Ellel Canada's Creative Department Debbie understands first hand the power of creativity in the life of a believer.

Allicia Bankuti

As Ellel Canada's Communications Manager, Allicia has taught around the world & is involved in the creative industry through photography.